Bridal Gowns in Dekalb

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Flower Girl

We offer a wide variety of flower girl gowns. Dresses are available in children's sizes and in some cases toddler sizes. Gowns are a 14 week order with rush delivery options. We also offer Alexis Kay Designs custom designed flower girl gowns.

Mother of the Bride

We offer a wide variety of mother of the bride gowns and pants suits. Dresses can be ordered in a long, short or tea length version, in some cases. Gowns are available in many different colors and are a 14 week order with rush delivery options. We also offer custom designed mother of the bride gowns.

Custom Bridal gowns

If you are in search for the perfect gown and you're coming up dress-less call us about designing that gorgeous gown you have been dreaming of for years. A gown designed exclusively at Alexis Kay Bridal does not mean expensive it means exquisite. With custom designing you can price control the gown more closely. We work within your budget to create the gown with a combination of fair prices fabrics and removing basic alteration costs from the entire gown. For more information call today for your free custom bridal consultation. Also, ask us about custom designing your unique bridesmaid gowns! 815-762-6558 

Designer Bridal Gowns

Looking for a one of kind designer bridal gown but do not want to pay Chicago prices? Then come into our warm and inviting salon and try on our designer gowns right off the L.A. runway but only for small town prices. Sip tea in our cozy retreat and find the perfect gown in calm and serene surroundings. Featuring the works of Kenneth Winston, Ella Rosa, Sophia and Camilla and many more. Alexis Kay Bridal--Big City Designers...Small Town Charm.

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