Bridesmaids have no idea how to get your dress to hang right? Your mom is busy making sure everything else is perfect? Your friend just can't get the lacing as tight as the seamstress? No idea who fluffs your gown out and straightens your train before you enter? If you are worried about who is going to be dressing you and making sure that your gown and yourself look amazing then give us a call today.

For the last several years, we have been asked time and again if we could help our brides get ready on their big day. Several brides have stopped in after their weddings and commented that their maid of honor and/or bridesmaids could not get the lacing on the back of their gown as tight and as flat as when they were in the store. On several occasions we have seen the sad after pictures of the brides helpers not taking their time with the bustle and simply hooking the hanger tag to the zipper on the back of the gown. 

We know how to lace, zip, bustle, sew, and steam a gown in record time. You might think we do it all day long. So we are offering a service to all brides for their big day. Relax and rest assured that there will be someone there on your wedding day that knows your gown inside and out. We have been testing this service for the past year and it has taken off faster than we had expected. So we are no offering this service to everyone.

For an hourly rate you can have one of our "Day Of" bridal assistants at your ready. Need a glass of water? Got it! Someone stepped on and ripped your gown while your were getting ready? We have a needle and thread. For a full array of what is provided give us a call. Book today for your up coming wedding. We only do 1-2 weddings per week and only one per day. We book up very quickly! 815-762-6558

Day of the Wedding Services

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