Alexis Kay Bridal Alterations

Bridal and Formal Wear alterations in Dekalb. Our seamstress comes with 30 plus years of dress alterations experience. We, also preform wedding dress alterations on gowns not purchased in our salon.

A Wonderful Combination of Classic and Modern Elements

Recreating her mother's gown by lowering the neckline, adding a narrow strap and incorporating English netting to give the skirt a soft and flowing quality was a beautiful way to pay homage to her mother while infusing a touch of personal style.

Modifying this gown by removing the sleeves and adding a layer of beautiful lace to the bodice and skirt personalized and suited the bride's preferences. It's a great example of how you can update your mother's or a family heirloom to create a unique and meaningful wedding dress.

Wedding dress Alterations

your mother's weddinng gown

Wearing your mother's gown and updating it to reflect your style is a lovely way to incorporate tradition and personalization into your wedding attire.

& Custom Designs

​A Beautiful Way to Honor Tradition

This mother's gown with a straight satin skirt, detachable train, long sleeves and a straight cut neckline is a classic and elegant design.

If you are considering updating a gown similar to this you have a solid foundation to work with and can make modifications to suit your style and preferences.